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OZOTRON  2027 ©

The Ozotron is an artistic proposal based on the idea of a futuristic society where Man’s work, his very rhythm of life and the development of a society has changed the life of the planet. Decades of constant pollution and waste has lead mankind down this road. It has resulted in the greatest loss of life and natural
resources in the history of our planet. We stand at the absolute brink of destruction. The end of human life and the absolute anhilation of the planet. Mankind’s constant pollution finally caused for a large hole to open up in our ozone layer unleashing the full fury of the Sun. The very fabric of our being is contamina-ted. This contamination has forced those who survived to adapt to an ever shrinking world with no clear hope in sight. In the face of this destruction man is forced to adapt and more so evolve. Mankind finds itself with no pure air. The contaminated world forces those alive to adapt by using an advanced apparatus able to convert and create breathable air. The Ozotron is forced to live in sealed spaces aptly called a Bunker. They use large scheme air purificator’s while inside these bunker’s to create breathable air. The Ozotron
with the help of proper sealed masks were also able to create a portable form of this purificator so advanced that it can be chewed like the present day chewing gum.  
Evolution being such a constant force, the Ozotron follows the Homo-sapien on our evolution chart. A being absolutely concious of the damaged caused by their ancestors before them and more so the very reason of their forced existance. He or She lives for the basic function of survival by gathering the basic elements of life, something taken for granted by present day Man.
In this forced world the only memories of the nature are those stored and registered by the ancestors of the Ozotron. They have stored treasures, sounds of animals, and images of the phenomenon’s in nature such as wind, rain, rays of sunlight, rivers and the sea. Some venture as far as growing a plant in their small spaces in their bunker with a great deal of difficulty. Their pets now are those very hated cockroaches of our present day. It serves them as a memory of that which survived and reminds them of where they came from. The hated insect now becomes a needed friend.
The technology of the Ozotron is based on purifying everything in order to to survive. Its science is based on studying closely the behaviour of those that came before them. Their goal is to recover what was lost by returning to the simple and natural life that we  still see in present day times in remote areas. The
Ozotron lives of their technological advancment. They conquer the quest and science of time travel. They travel to the past in a different form with a warning of times to come. They travel with the hope that Mankind will correct their destructive ways. We see early forms of that type on conciousness in our
present day artists and politicians fighting for our green Earth. The Ozotron fights so that the world corrects that and them as species, don't have to Exist.

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